Today O.M.B. can count on an operating structure of over 20,000 square meters, which allows the company to sustain a constant growth and a leadership position not only locally, but also internationally.

Thirty years of corporate history, dreams, hard work, research, innovation, proposals, fairs and travels.
These activities have led us not only to achieve excellent results but also to confirm and consolidate an important presence in the national and international market in the production of boilerworks.

The company has always maintained quality levels of certified and approved products, with high-tech production processes. Suitable and modern products for the market, service and quality as guidelines for the future.
The company organization, integrated by IT systems, allows an effective management of the technical-productive process.
The acquired experience has allowed us to develop a range of solutions and proposals to satisfy the entire sector with a particular attention to the branch of energy saving. The technology adopted has been an important factor, but in recent years the human component has been the true wealth of the company of yesterday, today and tomorrow.